Electrical Currents on Pressure Points Reflexology Treatment
Dian Qi Tong Xue Sheng Wu Quan Xi Zhi Bing Fa

The use of electrical currents for improving the flow of qi through the meridians and collateral channels for the treatment of ailments is a unique, modern treatment that combines the knowledge of human physiology and modern science.

In this new form of treatment, the practitioner uses the high energy that is generated by passing ordinary 110 volt alternative current through the human body for the treatment of illnesses.

When ordinary alternative current is passed through the human body, it joins with the body’s internal energy to form a special kind of internal energy that combines electrical biological energy, heat and magnetic effects which can be used to stimulate the functioning of the pressure points and the energy in the meridians and collateral channels. This will help to improve digestion, bodily secretions and metabolism. In turn, the capillaries in the body will expand, causing improvements in blood circulation and better functioning of the nervous system. This enables the re-balance of the qi and blood in the body to take place, so that the internal organs will be re-directed back to their normal conditions and normal functioning.

The use of electrical currents in the treatment of illnesses is based mainly on the fusion of the body’s electrical biological energy and the energy in various pressure points. It is similar to the use of acupuncture points in traditional needle acupuncture, but with two significant improvements – first, it is not affected by problems of needle contamination or of instances of patients over-reacting to their fear of needles; and second, while many pressure points in the human body cannot be stimulated by acupuncture needles, electrical currents can be used on all the pressure points in all parts of the body except the eyes.

Electrical Currents on Pressure Points Reflexology Treatment takes it principles from traditional tui na massage as well as modern medical technology. It applies electrical currents directly to the human body for the treatment of all kinds of ailments.

The treatment does not require special equipment. The therapist uses only his hands and the alternative current that is used in everyday life for treating his patients. The therapist puts his finger or palm on the appropriate meridian(s) and acupuncture points on the body of the patient, and through the stimulation from the electrical current and his hands; he is able to bring relief to the patient.

What is significant about this new treatment is that there exists a large amount of medical evidence and scientific statistics that show that “wherever the current reaches, there is relief.” For certain illnesses, it may well be the most effective form of treatment.

Electrical Currents on Pressure Points Reflexology Treatment is simple, flexible, yet effective. The treatment does not require investments of large sums of money; it is easy to grasp, and dispenses with the need for medicines and needles. In addition, there are no contamination issues, no side effects. It comprises internal training (training to improve the therapist’s ability) and external application (treating a range of ailments in patients).

Some elements of the internal training component include Five Internal Organs Reconditioning, Energy Transmission Methods and Resistance to Electricity and Energy Nourishing Training. To elevate his own ability, the therapist improves his control of his own internal energy, and through practicing qigong and collecting the essential energies of the sun, moon and nature. Through accumulating the energy in the five organs and five elements, he will attain the level where he can release his internal energy to combine it with electric currents in therapeutic sessions.

The external application refers to the use of electrical currents in combination with various manipulation techniques by the therapist to treat different kinds of illnesses. The main components include using electrical currents in combination with tui na massage techniques, using electrical currents in combination with finger acupressure techniques, using electrical currents in combination with herbal medicines on the body, using positive and negative electric energy on acupuncture needles and electrical reflexology in diagnoses.

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