Chinese Meridian and Collateral Fire Dragon Healing Technique


Following the advent of the 21st Century, with the faster pace of life and the elevation of the standard of living, health has, once again, become a matter of concern. It is a matter of some urgency for medical practitioners to find treatment methods which are effective, have little side-effects and are accepted by patients.

“Chinese Meridian and Collateral Fire Dragon Healing Technique” is a natural, effective, safe, hygienic, easy-to-popularize healing technique that has become the choice of many patients. Chinese Meridian and Collateral Fire Dragon Healing Technique is also known as “Fire Healing along the Meridians” (循經火療), or simply as “Fire Dragon Healing Technique” (火龍療法). The skin is the part of the body that the practitioner works on. A warm wet towel is used as the heat conductor and 95% proof medical alcohol is the heat source. The practitioner sprays the designated meridians or pressure points (or particular surgical areas), then methodically ignites the alcohol on the heat conductor and douses the flames. This causes the capillaries to expand and the skin to show a blushing red colour. This is followed by the application of a specially formulated “intermediary” liquid – Fire Dragon Liquid (火龍液) in order to achieve the effects of opening up the meridians and collateral channels, moving the qi (energy) and removing pain, dispelling internal wind and dampness, invigorating the blood and restoring the normal functions of the body and youthfulness. Fire Dragon Healing Technique was a natural healing method often used by the ancient Chinese in their struggle against illness. It theories were informed by moxibustion; which is, to harness the natural upwards and outwards movement of fire to warm the meridians and dispel internal cold, to clear the inside and outside of the organs, to unblock the meridians and collateral channels and the circulation of energy (qi) and blood in the body.

The principles of meridians and collateral channels, which are one of the building blocks of the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are the theoretical basis of Fire Dragon Healing Technique. The network of meridians and collateral channels links up the upper and lower, as well as the inner and outer parts of the body. It brings energy (qi), blood and nutrients to all parts of the body. It is the body’s defence against illnesses. It is responsible for the transmission of sensations and the maintenance of balance in the body. It is commonly understood by naturopathic healers that the meridians and collateral channels are the key to the prevention and healing of illnesses. The network of meridians and collateral channels can be used for stimulation, transmission and re-balancing. These functions are accomplished through the linkage between the internal organs and the skin. The meridians and collateral channels transmit sensations through this linkage between the skin and internal organs to reach the central nervous system, where adjustments of bodily fluids and biochemical processes take place. Fire Dragon Healing Technique effectively utilizes this characteristic of the meridians and collateral channels.
2 It is stated in Lingshu in Neijing (內經。靈樞) that “where both the yin and yang are deficient, fire should be employed,“ “where the meridians are weak, fire is the treatment,” and “where the meridians are tense, fire should be applied.” Fire Dragon Healing Technique is based on the theories of the twelve meridians and collateral channels and twelve cutaneous regions. The medication is applied through the skin. When the warmth from the fire opens up the pores in the skin, spreading the specially formulated Fire Dragon Liquid (火龍液) on the skin will enable the quick and thorough absorption of the medication. At the same time, the medication will reach the site of the illness through the twelve meridians, the eight extra meridians that run through the internal organs of the body. The human body’s network of meridians and collateral channels include twelve meridians, eight extra meridians, fifteen collateral vessels, twelve meridian divergences, twelve meridian sinews and twelve cutaneous regions. Of these, the twelve cutaneous regions are where the workings of the twelve meridian and collateral channels are closest to the surface, they are also where the energy (qi) from the meridians and collateral channels disperses. Fire Dragon Healing Technique works on the twelve cutaneous regions and medication is applied to the skin. This enables the practitioner to reach the goal of treating the illness.

Chinese Meridian and Collateral Fire Dragon Healing Technique (中華經絡火龍療法) is based on the theories of meridians and collateral channels in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as “Valuable Emergency Prescriptions” (備急千金要方) written by Sun Simiao (孫思邈) in the Tang Dynasty, “Waitai Secret Prescriptions”(外台秘要) by Wang Douzhi (王焘之) and traditional fire dragon (heat) treatment. Using procedures handed down by ancient healers, a variety of valuable Chinese herbs are processed and distilled to create Fire Dragon Liquid (火龍液). When it is used in combination with traditional fire healing techniques, it is absorbed through contact with the skin to reach the muscles, blood and bones. This treatment method is widely used for all kinds of common illnesses. It is also employed for cosmetic treatments. From the perspective of present day medical theories, Fire Dragon Healing Technique has a positive adjustment function on all of the human physical systems. For example, in the blood circulation system, it has the effect of enlarging the blood vessels, improving the blood flow in the capillaries, improving the viscosity, rebalancing the fibrinolytic system and increasing the number of red and white corpuscles. This is useful for the prevention and treatment of Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can also strengthen the microcirculation system and has definite effect on blood circulation. It can shorten the time taken for blood to clot and raise the number of platelets. With regards to metabolism, it can correct dysfunction of nucleic acids and protein metabolism and can be used to control the process of fatty degeneration. As for the body’s immunity system, it can correct dysfunction in the immunity system and so is conducive to the self-reparation process of diseased tissues and the dispelling of inflammation.

Fire Dragon Healing Technique is characterized by its use of the heat from the fire to dispel internal dampness, to restore the normal functioning of the body, to unblock the meridians and collateral channels, and to adjust the energy (qi) and the blood. Because it reaches all the internal organs, the four limbs and all the senses, it is used to nourish the body, to assist in the workings and the balancing of the yin and yang forces in the body. In this way,
3 the objectives of prevention of illness and healing are achieved. It is scientific, hygienic, effective, cheap and easy to administer and has little or no side effects. It is a valuable tool in the range of Chinese traditional treatments.