Meridians and Collateral Channels Vital Energy Training


What are meridians and collateral channels? Scholars all over the world have spent many years studying it. Many books, numbering hundreds and thousands of pages have been written about it. Yet, the readers are still no closer to understanding what has been said about meridians and collateral channels.

Meridians and collateral channels are just what they are. The principle of meridians and collateral channels is an independent principle, subtle and unique. It has a very long history, it is mysterious and profound. It is not easily reduced to terms that we lay people can grasp.

Present-day researchers tend to judge the principle of meridians and collateral channels by the yardstick of western medicine. They are overjoyed when they come across incidental similarities between this traditional Chinese study and western medicine. They convince themselves that they have made huge progress. On the other hand, when they encounter something they are unable to explain, there is little they can do except to leave it for “future study,” or ignore it entirely.

In reality, the principle of meridians and collateral channels and western medicine are two totally different medical theories. Any attempt to try and explain one with the other will only lead to bias. In addition, to try and explain the principle of meridians and collateral channels which has been in use clinically for thousands of years with western medicine which is relatively new and has only been in existence for several hundred years is to put the cart before the horse.

Medicine as a science is based on reality. There is only one standard – and that is “efficacy.” If it is efficacious and works well, then it is scientific. Conversely, if it is not effective, then it is not scientific.

The one and only reason the use of the principle of meridians and collateral channels has survived for thousands of years is that it is “efficacious.” After all, practice is the only standard that proves its truthfulness.

Effectiveness gives life, effectiveness gives value and effectiveness confers lasting power.